The Wind of Dreams by Rosamund Mariott Watson

A poem by Rosamund Marriott Watson called "The Wind of Dreams" accompanied by a Franklin Booth illustration. Originally appeared in a 1909 issue of Scribner's Magazine. Here is the poem in full:

Wind of the Downs, from upland spaces blowing,
Salt with the fragrance of the southland sea,
Sweet with wild herbs in smoothest greenward growing,
You bring the harvest of my dreams to me.

Wraiths that the scented breath of summer raises,
Ghosts of dead hours and flowers that once were fair...
Sorrel and nodding-grass and white-moon daisies...
Glimmer and fade upon the fragrant air.

I hear the harvest-wagons homeward driven
Through dusky lanes by hedgerows dark with leaves...
The low gold moon, hung in sapphire heaven,
Looks on the wide fields and the gathered sheaves.

Wind of the Downs -- from cloud-swept upland spaces,
Moorland and orchard-close and water-lea,
You bring the voices and the vanished faces --
Dreams of old dreams and days long lost to me.

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Keywords: 1909, 20th century, antique, autumn, earth, fall, harvest, nature, poem, seasons, vintage

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