Free Printable Antique Poem: Going to the Sea-shore by E.F.N.

A children's poem called “Going to the Sea-shore” by E.F.N. from the July 1877 issue of St. Nicholas magazine.

Here is the poem in full:
O little pebbles down by the sea!
I wonder if you are waiting for me?
Shining and dancing in the warm light,
Washed by the waves, and looking so bright.

Dear little pebbles, white as snow,
I'll tell you something perhaps you don't know:
The summer is coming, and so are we,
For papa says we may go to the sea.

Then, pretty pebbles, our little bare feet
Will kiss you again and again, you're so sweet;
I know you won't scratch us, you're smooth and round,
Without any “prickers,” like those on the ground.

And I'll tell you another thing, pebbles so kind:
I will bring--unless nursey should leave them behind--
A pail and a shovel; and what I will do
Is to dig a big hole for a well--wouldn't you?

And then when the waves come scampering up,
'T will be filled to the top like my own silver cup;
And we will run down and splash it all about,
Till another big wave, with a laugh and a shout,

Chases us up till we're out of its reach--
All of us safe, high and dry on the beach.
Yes, the waves are great fun, but I really must say
I'd rather have pebbles when I want to play.

O summer, do hurry! O spring, go away!
Little flowers, please bloom! Dear birds, sing your lay!
And the sooner you do it, the better for me,
For the pebbles are waiting, I know, by the sea.

You are welcome to download a 5.5" x 8" @ 300 ppi printable JPEG without any watermark here. If you use this antique beach poem in any way, please respect my Terms and credit with a link back to this page.

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